“I have worked with Arinna Hollander for over a decade. She provides nutritional guidance for a wide range of medical conditions and is recognized by physicians and colleagues for her accessibility, responsiveness, and knowledge. Arinna has helped a wide range of patients, offering thoughtful and practical instruction that respects the unique challenges and backgrounds of each individual.”

Dr. Patty Glatt, M.D., Richmond Health Center

“Arinna has an artful way of listening to others, whether one-on-one counseling or leading a conference workshop, that helps her tailor her message to her audience’s needs.  And she gently guides them to formulate a plan of action, so they can start making changes that they really want to make to improve their health.”

Dr. Troy Kaji, Richmond Health Center

“I have been meeting with Arinna Hollander for over a year with very satisfying results.   I’ve found that she’s easy to talk to and has had some excellent insights into making change possible. Her approach is supportive rather than forceful. Her support has made the process easier and left me feeling very much in control of my own diet. I whole heartedly recommend her if you need help with diet and lifestyle changes.”

Sam F., Client

“Arinna is easy to talk to and offers helpful, practical advice that has worked for me. Our meetings are more like conversations than consultations. She answers questions and offers advice without preaching. I wouldn’t say it’s been easy to change my diet, because it’s often a challenge. But it’s been far easier than I thought, and I’ve seen dramatic results.”

Michael C., Client

“My challenge is that I completely understand how the food I eat impacts my health, especially my weight. What I didn’t understand before working with Arinna was that I didn’t have to punish myself in the process of gaining control of my eating. I wouldn’t say I have it mastered, but what I think is more important is that I am working with my natural tendencies, in my natural environments so that I can make a life change. It is proving to be more successful for me than eating frozen boxed low calorie meals. Food is a delight, and it still gets to be!”

Carla E., Client