The Lost Art of Eating

Ah eating, the sheer act of nourishing our bodies so inextricably tied to pleasure or remorse. All kinds of new phrases and buzzwords have been coined to describe how and what we should eat. We should eat mindfully and with a low carbon footprint. We should eat low on the glycemic index and high on the organic index. Less animal, more plant. More natural, less processed. Green tea, black tea, white tea, red tea. Good fats, bad fats, too much fat. With this constant barrage of nutrition and health information you’d think Americans would have reached the top of the food pyramid, joined hands, and exclaimed to the world, “we are what we eat”. Instead of this scenario, Americans are still pondering how the serving size on the ice cream container can be listed as one half cup.

All-to-say, we have strayed so far from the basics that putting together what should be a typical meal, turns into an angst-provoking experience. Think back to the basics and let that be your guiding light. You remember, hot or cold cereal for breakfast or perhaps yogurt with some fruit and toast and maybe a couple of eggs on the weekends. For lunch, a sandwich and fruit or some leftovers, and for dinner, meat, chicken, fish or a vegetarian alternative, combined with a starch, vegetable, and salad. Really? Yes, really. The basics will keep you well nourished and satisfied. Eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with some fruit or other light snack between meals will prevent a ravenous, uncontainable appetite from rearing its ugly head late in the afternoon or early evening. I guarantee you will be starving and over eat throughout the evening if you skip breakfast and lunch.

Find balance throughout the week by including a variety of food. An all or nothing approach to eating is typically not healthy in the long run. Eating too indulgently will probably stand in the way of keeping you healthy and too restrictive an approach will likely cause you to rebel and binge. Remember good health and a good meal can go hand-in-hand. Eating should remain one of life’s simple pleasures.

Need help finding a balanced approach to meal planning?, please contact me, I’m happy to help.

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