About Arinna

Nutrition Counseling for Wellness and Chronic Disease Management

Arinna Hollander is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator who believes eating should remain one of life’s simple pleasures. Finding balance is the key to eating well, maintaining good health, and managing nutrition-related conditions. As a food and nutrition expert with over 20 years experience, Arinna will help you find that balance. She develops personalized nutrition plans that reflect your life style, food preferences, and your level of interest in cooking. Her counseling will offer you clear, realistic, and practical ways to eat well and enjoy what you’re eating.

Arinna is based in Berkeley and serves clients throughout the Bay Area. She has a deep understanding of food and culinary practices from many different countries, regions and cultures and her work with children, adults, and families reflects this. Arinna has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics from the University of California, Berkeley, provides counseling in both English and Spanish, and combines the science of nutrition with the realities of day-to-day living to help you eat well and be healthy.